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  • The development of a complete, integrated personality is possible only when the craving for being creative is satiated and the talents of a child expression in various hobbies depending upon individual tastes and likings. To ensure proper exposure and opportunities. Hobbies section has been planned wherein blossom budding artists, painters, designers, sketching painting, cartooning, clay-modeling, singing and gardening are encouraged in the school.
  • Inter House competitions are organized in sports, Dramatics Debate and Arts and Music Quiz.
    House System: To promote competitive team spirit in sports and games and allied activities the whole school is divided into four houses:
    a).Subhash    b).Tagore   c).Ashoka    d).Ramanujam
  • Morning Assembly and Moral instruction.


In addition to the regular creative and cultural activities mentioned above excursion and educational trips also form a regular feature of the school curriculum. For excursions parent have to pay. Though the school takes all the normal precautions, it does not take any responsibility for an accident or mishappening during the trip.


Games and sports have a vital role to play in a child’s personality development. The students are encouraged to take active part in indoor and outdoor Games activities such as Cricket, Football, Basket Ball, Volley ball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom etc. and Athletics are provided and P.T. are compulsory for students. Which also include excursions to places of interest. Tournaments and competitions are organized at regular intervals to encourage the budding sportsman and also a healthy spirit. In modern age self security as well as assistance in the field of protection is the demand of the age. For this special training in Martial arts is imparted to students.


  • The School has a well established specious library cum reading room on all subjects besides reference Books of Encyclopedia. All classes are provided with at least one library period per week.
  • Strict discipline and Silence is to be observed in the library and Reading room.
  • Library books may be issued to the senior classes and returned only during library period. Any one failing to return the books on the due date shall incur a fine Rs. 2-per day.
  • Periodicals/Magazines are to be read in the library/Reading room only and the same are to be placed in their specific places after use.


Now the time has come when every person seeking employment either in private or Govt. sectors inevitably finds himself/herself, confronted with the need to be computer oriented and literate to meet the challenges of the time. Students must be exposed to computer environment at a younger age when they are at primary learning stage and their ability to grasp is high. Exposure to computer at this stage of life will help in future.


Now there are well equipped laboratory of Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Practical Knowledge of modern science for the students of Senior Classes. The Caution Money will be charged in Senior Classes separately.


BOYS: Black pant, Purple Striped white shirt, Black shoes, School belt, badge & tie.

GIRLS (upto Class VII only): Black pleated skirt, Purple Striped white shirt, Black Shoes, Black Socks, Black hair-band, School belt and tie.

N.B:White Handkerchief


BOYS:Black Sweater or School Blazer is compulsory with all uniforms

GIRLS:Black legging is compulsory with black pleated skirt. Black sweater or School blazer is also compulsory with all uniforms


BOYS:White trouser, white T-shirt, white shoes, white socks, school belt, badge & tie. Sweater or school blazer is compulsory in winter.

GIRLS:Black legging is compulsory with black pleated skirt. Black sweater or School blazer is also compulsory with all uniforms.

* School sweater or school blazer is compulsory with all P.T. uniform.


  • The management reserves the right to effect changes in the terms and conditions mentioned in the school prospectus without any prior notice.
  • Every Student will be responsible for his/her belongings, school will not be responsible for any loss.
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